Medical Technologist – Meadville PA

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES: To be a part of a high performance physician office laboratory through effectively participating in all operations of the laboratory to ensure high quality patient care. The position will be guided be the principles of Trust, Teamwork, Responsibility, Communication, and Mutual Respect.


  • Performs technical laboratory functions including chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, immunology, serology, microbiology, and phlebotomy.
  • Reports test results following clinic protocols drawing special alerts to physicians and/or nurses attention on critical or call value results.
  • Ensures proper collection of specimens and appropriate sampling and record keeping.
  • Maintains equipment and supplies as needed. Reviews quality control to verify equipment is functioning properly.
  • Complies with all policies and OSHA regulations related to safety, cleanliness, and infection control.
  • Encourages positive relations within our organization (NPA/IPS) and any outside organization.
  • Participates in continuous process improvement by offering potential solutions to problems observed.
  • Takes initiative on assigned/volunteered projects and follows through to completion.
  • Participates in proficiency testing, training and continuing education.

The job holder must demonstrate current competencies applicable to the job position.

EDUCATION: High School Diploma (Grandfather Clause), Associate’s Degree or BS in Biology, Chemistry, or Medical Technology and successful completion of MT, or MLT course of study. ASCP certification preferred.

EXPERIENCE: Experience preferred, but new graduates will be considered.

REQUIREMENTS: ASCP or AMT certification preferred.

JOB TYPE: Full-time, Part-time